• Our Farm Animals

    Our Farm Animals

    Last post was about the design of our farm store. While we gather resources to complete the building, I’d like to introduce the animals at Pensmore Farms.

    Our animals are free to roam the estate’s 500 acres. We believe allowing our animals to graze results in a healthier product.  Allowing the animals to roam over large spaces also helps us ready the land for our produce; the cattle and sheep eat the grass down while the hogs till it. They all participate in contributing to the fertilization.

    We currently care for Saler cattle, St. Croix sheep, and Ossabaw hogs. We no longer sell eggs or poultry, but will consider doing so again in the future. We will update the website once we offer these again and hope to see you by at the farm store then. We still have our bee hives, but are not selling the honey at this time.

    We also hope to purchase goats in the future. While I’m partial to the long ears on the Nubian, we are considering Kiko and others. I’d love to hear what breed you prefer and why.

    While you are here, check out some of the photos of our furry friends by clicking on the Saler cow below. The next few blogs will provide a dive into each of these breeds and explain why we chose them.