Building Pensmore

Building Pensmore 

Comfort Design Inc. collaborates with Pensmore on its unique HVAC system.

Select individuals and companies have come together in collaboration to bring this living laboratory to life. On this page you will find information about these individuals and companies, and the roles they play in building Pensmore.


TF Forming Systems developed and manufactures the TransForm super-insulating energy storing concrete forming system that is used to form the structural components of Pensmore. TransForm results in very straight and true walls of incredible strength.

Helix: The TF forming system can utilize any type of concrete and reinforcement. For Pensmore we use a combination of conventional steel rebar and Helix, a unique ultra-high performance steel fiber from Polytorx. Helix reinforces in all directions and makes the concrete much stronger and more elastic.

Andersen Corporation is the selected manufacture of windows and doors for Pensmore. The developers chose products with Stormwatch® protection and SmartSun™. Specifically designed for coastal applications, windows with Stormwatch® provide added weather and security protection 24/7. SmartSun™ blocks 95 percent of UV light, which can be instrumental in reducing energy consumption and reduce fading of interiors. This combination provides a window and door solution that is both disaster resistant and energy efficient.

Meek's The Builder's Choice is Pensmore's preferred source for building materials. We turn to Meek's to supply Andersen windows, roof LVLs, shingles, and more because of the personal attention they provide. We also utilize the unique tools at their one-of-a-kind design center.  
City Wide Concrete is the Ready Mix plant that supplies the concrete for our TransForm walls. City Wide adds Helix steel fibers at the plant. Superplasticizers allow a very strong but highly pumpable mix. Vulcraft supplies the steel joists and pan used to support the concrete deck floors of Pensmore. Deville Steel supplies rebar and various steel components including beams and bearing plates.