We frequently hear these words used in conversations over environmental technologies. Green is trendy, and it has become a keyword to making progress. But what is the result? Does it translate to usable results? Are we helping the earth?

Energy efficiency and enduring sustainability are the twin missions of Pensmore. In short, we believe that oil, gas, and coal will become increasingly expensive and unsustainable as energy resources. Accordingly, there will be a growing need for low impact, sustainable structures.

New super-insulated and energy storing technologies make it possible for the first time to build practical, energy-neutral, disaster-resistant structures for commercial or residential use. Designed in a no-nonsense manner, Pensmore harnesses these technologies to be as energy efficient as possible. It will be a modern, practical implementation of the Jeffersonian concept of independence and sustainability. This is the vision of those who have come together to collaborate on the Pensmore project.

So, could you call Pensmore green? Absolutely. Pensmore is more than green, however; it is innovation. A great deal of thought, engineering, and excitement lie behind the floorplans.

Pensmore is a laboratory for exploring different methods of creating and storing usable energy that can be applied on a broad scale across commercial and residential structures. Visit us often. Over time we will be revealing more details about the creative implementations that are giving reality to the vision. Please contact us with questions or to share your own sustainable ideas.