Tornado Resistance

"Tornadoes can wreak total destruction on conventional structures. High speed rotating winds and extreme pressures are only part of the problem. Impact forces from wind borne debris can be large and unpredictable. Pensmore is constructed with the TransForm insulating concrete system from TF combined with the reinforcing capabilities of Helix steel fibers. Helix uniformly reinforces the concrete in all three dimensions. The result is a very robust structure capable of surviving a wide variety of natural disasters. Pensmore's structural shell is capable of withstanding an EF5 tornado."

Luke Pinkerton, PE
Founder and CTO
Polytorx, LLC

Tornado Resistance

Pensmore is built with absolute safety in mind. Although located in the heart of peaceful Southwestern Missouri, severe storms and tornadoes do occur with some frequency. Pensmore is built to protect its inhabitants even in the midst of an
F-5 tornado

Normal structures cannot withstand the high winds and debris impact of tornadoes. The following link photographically documents the recent tragedy in nearby Joplin, detailing the tragic effects of F4/F5 winds on conventional structures:

Daily Mail: Joplin, MO Tornado

Notice that conventional wood frame, tilt-up concrete or masonry block construction provide little protection from the destructive potential of nature's most severe weather events.

Pensmore's structural shell, based on the super insulating TransForm system by TF Concrete Forming Systems, is comprised of continuously reinforced high performance poured-in-place concrete. Concrete reinforcement begins with conventional rebar, but for Pensmore we decided to supplement with Helix steel fiber from Polytorx. The resulting concrete is both stronger and more ductile in the face of the whirling winds of a tornado, or other natural disasters. The TransForm/Helix combination is surprisingly cost effective; a small increment in cost yields a very large increment in safety, durability and energy efficiency.


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